ABANDONEDLAND – A Mad and Murdered City

Dig if you will the picture. Darkening, grey-blue sky looms over woodland scrub, trees unplanned and unplanted. Leaden, leafless limbs encroach just so, as if written in fan fiction; as if by unintelligent design. Winter is self-evident; a red datestamp is trivial assurance of deepening chill, of daylight wasting.

Walk with me. We march parallel to Poquessing Creek separating Philadelphia and Bucks Counties. Within 1 minute, we will cross that terminus into undiscovered country, a crime scene officially forgotten: the red brick remains of a mad and murdered city.

You have walked at most 100 paces from staid, suburban row homes along Carter Road, squat and bustling with comings and goings of Northeast Philadelphia’s mostly working class. You are walking a broken trail cleft in grey ground invisible from any road, a path known by gang sign. You will walk into desolated grey gardens, silenced and silent.

Sunset’s gloom shrouds our petty criminality, further obscured by jurisdictional disputes between Philadelphia and Bensalem police. Using surplus nightvision, we reconnoiter the weekend shift change of a single security guard patrolling 130 acres just inside chain link. Nothing restrains entry into our carnival of ruins.

Aided by Sunday, abetted by night, we walk free into the fearful symmetry of Abandonedland.

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One Response to ABANDONEDLAND – A Mad and Murdered City

  1. Minge-a-licious says:

    A great article about the Byberrians!

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